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Today We will be discussing the features that can make Destiny 2 the best selling PC game of 2017.

Destiny 2 is already one of the most hyped games of 2017 and chances of it becoming the best selling PC game of 2017 are very high. The reason why I am talking about the PC version is that the consoles have their own exclusives that almost every time gets the best selling game awards. For Horizon Zero Dawn and Legend of Zelda for PS4, and XBOX has its own exclusives too. Another reason that I am not talking about consoles is that Destiny is capped at 30 FPS at consoles. So, the performance from Destiny 2 can be reaped only if you have a great PC.

Image from gamesradar.com

So, today we will discuss the features of Destiny 2 that will support our statement. Let’s take down the best features of Destiny 2 one by one.

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At IFA 2017, Acer has revealed the most powerful to date gaming desktop, Acer Predator Orion 9000. it is the newest addition to the Predator lineup after they released the most powerful gaming laptop, Predator 21x, a few months ago. The most amazing thing we get know about the gaming beast is that it will support up to 18 core processors with 36 threads and 4-way graphics.

Acer is teasing the Orion 9000 series as the “Power You Can See“. For the specs, it will support up to Intel’s i9 7980XE Extreme Edition processor and 4 Radeon RX Vega graphic cards and up to 2 GTX 1080 Ti’s in SLI. However, I don’t think that the I9 will please most of the gamers out there because it hasn’t shown much superior performance than the regular i7-7700k.  Although for the content creators and those who are looking to use it as a workstation it is definitely one of the most powerful choices available in the market right now. One more thing that describes it’s brute power is that it can also support up to 128 GB quad-channel DDR4 memory.

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Today we are going to talk about the Alienware Aurora r6 to check whether it is the best-prebuilt gaming pc in August 2017. Dell Alienware range is already a renowned name as far as the gaming devices are concerned. I am choosing Alienware Aurora r6 because it provides you with so much of configuration options that you can even get a budget (<$1000) gaming pc from this range. So, let’s check whether it can be titled as the Best prebuilt gaming pc in 2017.

Images from dell.com

The Design of the PC looks really good and provides a premium feel that you want from a high-end gaming PC. The well-known logo at the front and a pretty slick design give it the signature Alienware look. The design of the machine provides optimal air intake on the front and right panels and an exhaust fan on top for maximum airflow and cooling of internal components. This is also the first PC by Alienware to support dual graphics and liquid-cooling both inside a single machine.

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Paladins, the 5v5 multiplayer shooter which has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months especially in the context of Free to Play games. Another reason the game got so much popularity since its release is that it has a lot of similarities with Overwatch. However, we are not going to debate on Overwatch vs Paladins. The news for today is that Paladins is coming to Mobiles (Android and iOS) with a name called Paladins Strike.

The developers are already claiming that this is going to be the best Hero shooter on mobiles. And I also think that way because there are only a few MOBA Hero shooters available on the mobile platform, and those which are available are not as good as paladins could be as the developers have the required experience of making a successful game.

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One of the most acclaimed PC games of all time, the Half Life series has got a new leak about the Episode 3 of Half Life 2. Yes, Half Life 3 Plot is revealed by the Ex Valve writer, Marc Laidlaw on his personal website. Half Life has always been the benchmark for all the games of this century. All the games are differentiated on the basis that they came before Half Life or after Half Life.

Image from polygon.com

So, getting an update on the new episode of this game is actually a big news for the gaming fans. The story is not actually about Half Life 3 rather it is the third episode of Half life 2. Marc titles the post as “Epistle 3,” and explains what appears to be a thinly-veiled summary of Gordon Freeman’s long-missing adventure in the form of correspondence from someone named “Gertrude Fremont.”

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Another new big update is coming to GTA V Online i.e, Smuggler’s Run. After the Gunrunning update that went live a few weeks ago and was actually pretty good, Rockstar Games another big update to GTA Online and it is coming on next Tuesday, August 29. The name of the update comes from a Rockstar Games classic came way back in 2000 for PS2.

Smuggler’s Run is looking like to be more Air focused with the introduction of new range of planes, choppers, and even ultralights for transporting criminal cargos across Los Santos and Blaine Country.

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After building a budget gaming PC with Ryzen 1200, today we will be talking about a High-End 4K Gaming PC Build with I7-7700k. We will not be over doing it like purchasing the i9 or the Ryzen Thread ripper when we can achieve the Smooth 70-100 FPS on ultra settings with i7-7700k.

This build will definitely run all the current-gen as well as the next-gen games for the coming 2 years. And one more thing before getting into the build is that I will not be using the AMD Vega graphics because they are more power hungry than the GTX 1080 with performance equivalent to GTX 1080


So, Let’s not waste our time and jump into making the best high-end Gaming PC in August 2017.

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Today I am going to talk about Madden NFL 18, this year’s Madden Game. Madden NFL is the ultimate game if you are an American Football fan and it has no equally amazing alternatives available as we see with FIFA and PES. Both the games are almost equally amazing in every department and both enjoy a very large fan base. Let’s not deviate from the topic and discuss some more details about Madden NFL 18.

Image from ign.com

So, the game is coming on August 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sorry, PC gamers because the reality is that only a very few sports games actually make to PCs. The release date August 25 but the reviews have already started coming out from the lights of Polygon, ign and a few more

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG, the game which has broken many records in the past three or four months. Last month on July 15, it also surpassed GTA V for the most number of concurrent players on Steam. So, this game has definitely become one of the most popular PC games.

And that’s why the developers don’t want its players to get bored with the game especially when the game is in Early Access.

So they are continuing their approach of introducing new features and updates to the game to reduce bugs and balancing issues.

Last week they released first person servers for the game which was playable on solo and duo queues. Now, the point is that from today the first person servers are available in all game modes and in all regions too as stated by the tweet of Bluehole(Developer of the game).

As you can see, the tweet also suggests that first-person Leaderboards will be added to the game pretty soon.

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