Today We will be discussing the features that can make Destiny 2 the best selling PC game of 2017.

Destiny 2 is already one of the most hyped games of 2017 and chances of it becoming the best selling PC game of 2017 are very high. The reason why I am talking about the PC version is that the consoles have their own exclusives that almost every time gets the best selling game awards. For Horizon Zero Dawn and Legend of Zelda for PS4, and XBOX has its own exclusives too. Another reason that I am not talking about consoles is that Destiny is capped at 30 FPS at consoles. So, the performance from Destiny 2 can be reaped only if you have a great PC.

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So, today we will discuss the features of Destiny 2 that will support our statement. Let’s take down the best features of Destiny 2 one by one.

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