Let’s talk about the components required to make the Best Budget Gaming PC build in August and 2017 with Ryzen 3. So, this is a completely new section that I am starting today and it will cover everything about the latest Gaming PC Builds with the latest and the time tested components. Today we are going to create a build that will easily achieve 60 FPS in most of the current-gen games with some minor tweaks in graphic settings. The most important of the build…Continue Reading “Best Budget Gaming PC Build in August 2017 with Ryzen 3”

After building a budget gaming PC with Ryzen 1200, today we will be talking about a High-End 4K Gaming PC Build with I7-7700k. We will not be over doing it like purchasing the i9 or the Ryzen Thread ripper when we can achieve the Smooth 70-100 FPS on ultra settings with i7-7700k.

This build will definitely run all the current-gen as well as the next-gen games for the coming 2 years. And one more thing before getting into the build is that I will not be using the AMD Vega graphics because they are more power hungry than the GTX 1080 with performance equivalent to GTX 1080


So, Let’s not waste our time and jump into making the best high-end Gaming PC in August 2017.

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