PES 2018 : Release Date, Open Beta, Cover Star And Other Details

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Konami finally revealed its new game PES 2018 with Luis Suarez as the cover Star to tackle FIFA 18.

A Few weeks ago, EA announced FIFA 18 with a trailer showcasing Christiano Ronaldo flaunting his Football skills. When there is a new FIFA game, how PES can be left behind. PES was first revealed at E3 2017, but there weren’t many details announced at that time to tell something about the game. But now, we have details about the Cover Star, Different Editions of the game, Price, Open Beta and much more.

Cover Star and other Mentionable Characters

So, as I mentioned earlier, Luis Suarez will be the cover star of the game. Konami following their “premium membership”  with FC Barcelona declared him as the cover star and also the ambassador of the PES series.

With the Legendary Edition of the game, players will be given an opportunity to play as the Legend D.Maradona with the FC Barcelona Legend Agent.

One more surprise that came from the game is that Usain Bolt will also be featuring in the game. He will playable through the myClub mode in the game.  However, this was announced a month earlier, but I thought that it should be mentioned in a post related to PEs 2018.

So, Whats New in PES 2018?

There are many changes done to the game, especially in the context of Gameplay and Visuals.

For the Gameplay, there are a few tweaks done to the game to make the football experience realistic than ever. Physicality Representation allows you to keep the ball away from physically strong players and with Strategic Dribbling, you can control the ball touch timing and perform some fake moves with the stick control. Real Touch+ allows you smoother tap control and allows the use of body parts, such as chest thighs for ball control.

Visuals of the game are also improved in literally every department from Goalkeepers to the Crowd. An Animation Rework is done to the game which significantly Human Emotion and Facial Emotion an adds hundreds of new animations to provide you the lifelike experience you want from a sports game.

New 2v2 and 3v3 modes added to the game to allow you to join with your friends and other players to compete against the world.The game also supports up to 2 guest players on the same console.

There are many other additions made to the game that is new to it, but I will not be covering them here because they don’t seem to be relevant for the post.

Details about the Open Beta

The Open Beta of the game will be available on 20th July. The Online Beta will continue for 11 days. So, the starting time for the Beta is 8:00(UTC) 20/7/2017 and the ending time is 4:00(UTC) 31/7/2017.

The beta will allow you to play two modes including Quickmatch and Online Co-op.

The beta for the game is available only for the PS4 and XBox One users. There aren’t any details about the PC Version of the Beta. In my opinion, chances of a PC version for Online Beta are really bleak.

PES 2018 Release Date, Price, Different Editions, and Platforms

The game will be coming on September 12 in the USA and September 14 in Europe and Asia. Standard Edition of the game will be playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3. It will cost you $60 on PS4 and Xbox One and around $50 for PC, PS# and Xbox 360. The Legendary Edtion will provide many special bonuses and items. It will include a PES Legend Agent and FC Barcelona Agent that can be used in the myClub mode to play as the Legend Maradona. And it will only be available for PS4 and Xbox One. You can pre-order the game here for more details about the price.

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