PUBG First Person Servers now available in all game modes and all regions too

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG, the game which has broken many records in the past three or four months. Last month on July 15, it also surpassed GTA V for the most number of concurrent players on Steam. So, this game has definitely become one of the most popular PC games.

And that’s why the developers don’t want its players to get bored with the game especially when the game is in Early Access.

So they are continuing their approach of introducing new features and updates to the game to reduce bugs and balancing issues.

Last week they released first person servers for the game which was playable on solo and duo queues. Now, the point is that from today the first person servers are available in all game modes and in all regions too as stated by the tweet of Bluehole(Developer of the game).

As you can see, the tweet also suggests that first-person Leaderboards will be added to the game pretty soon.

What is actually changed with the First Person Servers?

You will be thinking that why the developers want to modify the game to make it an FPS which is already an entertaining Third person shooter. Yes, the game is entertaining but the point is that it is not Competitive as the other Online shooters. Many players consider peeking around corners in third-person to be inauthentic or unfair. Now there will be no more hiding behind the rock or inside a house to catch your breath and collect information. In the first person, spotting enemies is more of a skill rather than just a fluke. Actually, the first person makes the game much more fun and exciting to play. I haven’t personally tried it but you can read more about the changes made with the First Person mode at the PCGamer article.

The Week 20 update of the game also arrived yesterday. The update addresses a number of bugs, introduces some optimizations, and lets dead players view their still-living teammates’ markers on both the mini and world maps.

I have also made an article on the delay of PUBG’s full release and you can check it out here.

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